Meal Plan Information

Meal Plan Options

All students living in the residence halls (West, East and Maria Hall) and all first-time freshman living on campus are required to have a meal plan for the full academic year.  

A student is automatically assigned a meal plan upon placement in a residence hall or if they are a first-time freshman. In these situations, the meal plan cannot be canceled or removed.

Hall residents or first-time freshmen students are able to change their meal plan during the add/drop period of each semester (first week of classes). After the add/drop deadline, their meal plan choice is locked in for the remainder of that semester.  

Residents assigned to an apartment space are not required to have a meal plan and can purchase a meal plan, if interested, by completing a Meal Plan Contract (available online in the Housing Portal or on paper in the Housing and Residential Life Office). Meal plans for apartment residents can only be added, changed or canceled during the add/drop period of each semester (first week of classes). After the add/drop deadline, their meal plan choice is locked in for the remainder of that semester. 

2022–2023 Meal Plan Options and Rates

Meal Plan Description Cost Per Semester
Plan A: All-Access (100 points) Plan Unlimited block meals to spend at on-campus dining locations; 100 declining-balance meal points per semester. Lockout: Students on this meal plan can swipe for a meal, and then will be unable to use the all-access feature for 1 hour (lock-out period). Points can be utilized with no lock-out period.  $2,600
Plan B: Block 200 (250 points) Plan 200 block meals to spend at on-campus dining locations; 250 declining-balance meal points per semester.  $2,400
Plan C: Block 170 (325 points) Plan 170 block meals to spend at on-campus dining locations; 325 declining-balance meal points per semester.  $2,200
Blue & Gold Meal Plan 1,700 declining-balance meal points per semester.  $2,600


Frequently Asked Questions 

What are block meals? Block meals are equivalent to one (1) entree and three (3) sides at Marletto's. Block meals can also be utilized for select items at other on-campus dining locations. Block meals do not carry over from semester to semester, meaning any unused block meals at the conclusion of the semester will be forfeited. 
What are meal points?

Meal points are spent dollar-for-dollar at on-campus dining locations. Everything is priced a la carte and you pay for what you get. Points decline as they are spent, just like dollars. Points not used during the fall semester carry over to the spring semester. Points not used by the end of the academic year are forfeited. 

Note: Meal points are not Gorlok Bucks! More information about Gorlok Bucks can be found below.

Where can I use my meal plan? Meal plans, including both block meals and meal points, can be used at any on-campus dining location, including Marletto's Marketplace dining hall, Crossroads food court in the University Center, or the Library Cafe. Meal plans cannot be used at off-campus restaurants. 

How to Cancel a Meal Plan

Residents residing in East, West, or Maria Hall, and first-time freshmen are required to have a meal plan and cannot cancel their meal plan. If they have a concern about their dining experience, they may contact Dining Services staff or their Community Director for assistance. Residents residing in apartment areas or commuter students who have a Blue & Gold meal plan may cancel their meal plan during the add/drop period of each semester. If you wish to cancel your meal plan (if eligible) or if you don't have a meal plan and want one, you can also fill out the Meal Plan Contract in the Housing Portal. The contract is intended for:

  • Commuting students
  • Residents of the Webster Village Apartments (WVA), Glen Park, or Big Bend
  • Eligible students wanting to cancel their meal plan for the semester

Please visit the Office of Housing and Residential Life in West Hall or call 314-246-4663 for more information.

Gorlok Bucks

Gorlok Bucks require a separate contract and are not part of the meal plan. Gorlok Bucks may be used at selected off-campus restaurants to offer more variety and longer hours of service to campus residents. Gorlok Bucks can also be used at on-campus locations. If used on-campus, the purchase will be tax free and discounted for items purchased. All balances remaining on Gorlok Bucks will be forfeited after 18 months of inactivity. Any unused Gorlok bucks cannot be refunded. You may purchase Gorlok Bucks by completing the contract, which is an online form on the PatronWeb through Housing and Residential Life. Use your Webster University Connections username and password to log in. You will then click on the appropriate form. You can also complete a paper application via the Housing & Residential Life Office in West Hall. Additionally, if you wish to pay via credit card - you can sign-up for Gorlok Bucks via our CashNet portal.

Gorlok Bucks are accepted at:

  • Subway (Old Orchard Center)
  • Dominos (on Watson Road)
  • Hotshots (on Watson Road)
  • Dairy Queen (at Big Bend and Laclede Station)
  • GrubHub (Note: Participants must add their Gorlok Bucks through the campus card payment option within GrubHub)
  • All on-campus dining locations

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