Office of Privacy and Information Security Team Members

How to Contact

Kelly Dopman

Jeanelle J. Wiley

Assistant Chancellor, Secretary of the University and Senior Privacy Director

"We recognize and respect our constituents’ increased privacy expectations, and we follow ethical practices and responsible use of student data in the academic enterprise accordingly. We think of privacy as an opportunity, not an obstacle."

Phone: +1-314-246-7123

Meosha Smith Russell

Kevin Heuser

Senior Director of Information Security

"Our information security governance program is focused on the premise that we have a responsibility and an obligation to protect our students, alumni, faculty and staff data."

Phone: +1-314-246-3150

Gayle Faucett

Edna Schick-Bodrič, M.A.

Director of Privacy and Information Security Operations International Campuses

"Privacy is about building relationships, partnership and trust. We believe in privacy by design and in privacy by trust."             

Phone: +43 1 269 9293 4334

Webster Hall

Ellie Despotaki


"We respect the privacy of our Webster Community and believe that privacy is not negotiable, but the right of each individual."

Phone: +30 211 990 5355