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Exhibitions in the May Gallery last approximately four weeks (depending on the academic calendar). Proposals are accepted year-round, and normally are considered for scheduling two to four years following their acceptance, depending on how far into the future the gallery is currently scheduled. The May Gallery is dedicated to showing a wide range of photographic work, so successful proposals relate to some photographic process.

Exhibition proposals may be made by an individual or a group, but should make appropriate use of the gallery space. The gallery has almost 160 running feet of wall space, although it is divided into 10 distinct sections. A schematic drawing of the space can be helpful for planning. Exhibitions that will not substantially fill the gallery are not considered.

Proposals Must Include

  • Name(s) of photographer(s).
  • All contact information.
  • Résumé(s), including information about any prior exhibitions of the work proposed.
  • A brief statement about the work, both in terms of content and process (for the consideration of the gallery review committee; if the proposal is accepted, this statement will not necessarily be for public use).
  • Examples of the work proposed for exhibition in one of the following formats (listed in the order preferred):
    • A CD or DVD containing images. This is the preferred format. (The gallery review committee normally views submissions using a slideshow generated by Adobe Bridge, so placing all image files in one folder is to your advantage); or
    • The exact URL of a portfolio of the images proposed.
  • Image sizes, and outer dimensions of the work proposed as it would be displayed in the gallery. (Cover glass is normally provided by the Gallery, but framed work can be accepted by prior arrangement.)

Send Proposals To

May Gallery Review Committee
School of Communications
Webster University
470 East Lockwood Ave.
St. Louis MO 63119-3194

Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged, but materials will not be returned. Proposals are reviewed in November and April for future exhibitions.

West wing entrance to Sverdrup building

May Gallery in Sverdrup Building

West wing entrance to Sverdrup building

8300 Big Bend Blvd.
Webster Groves, MO 63119
Phone: 314-961-2660, Ext. 7673

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