Request for Exemption from the Live-On Housing Requirement

Webster University requires that all freshmen enrolled at the St. Louis main campus are required to live-on campus for their first two years at Webster University. Exceptions to this requirement are granted for freshmen living with their parents within a 35-mile radius of the main campus in Webster Groves. Undergraduate international transfer students are also required to live on campus for their first year enrolled in classes at the main campus. All undergraduate and graduate study abroad students are required to live on campus for the duration of their study abroad.

We are unable to approve requests based on financial situations. It you would like to discuss financial aid options that may be available to help pay for the cost of living in the residence halls, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Guidelines for Requesting an Exemption for New Incoming Students:

  • Complete the Request for Exemption form explaining the reason for your request.
  • Submit documentation that supports or verifies the reason for your request as indicated.
  • A decision will be emailed to the email address provided on your Request for Exemption form. An exemption is not considered granted until you have received your approved request from the Housing & Residential Life Office.
  • If an exemption is granted and you have previously submitted a housing deposit, you may be eligible for a refund by notifying the Assignments & Billing Coordinator. Refund eligibility and amount will be determined by the date of your deposit refund request. For more details, please contact the Housing & Residential Life Office (314) 246-4663.
  • Appeal Process: If your request for exemption from Webster University's live on requirement is not approved, you may wish to appeal the decision. Students wishing to appeal a denial of the exemption request may do so by contacting the Director of Housing & Residential Life. The decision of the appeal by the Director is final and there is no further appeal of the exemption decision beyond this level. 

Documentation Requirements

If a student is requesting to live with a parent who is permanently relocating inside the 35 mile radius:

  • Proof of permanent relocation must be submitted. At least two (2) of the following items must be submitted showing the relocation address:
    1. Vehicle Registration
    2. Voter Registration
    3. Any other document that would verify permanent address.
  • Do not submit proof of purchase of property of lease/rental agreement as this does not provide proof of relocation. University records must show the parental address as being within 35 miles from campus.


If a student is requesting to live with a relative within 35 miles from campus:

  • Only requests to live with parent or legal guardian will be considered.
  • A letter of verification from the parent must be provided, giving the name, address, and telephone number where the student will be living. The parental letter must be notarized before submitted to the Housing & Residential Life Office.
  • Any requests to live with a sibling, relative, friend, or friend's family will not be considered.


If a student is requesting an exemption due to medical reasons:

  • The student must submit a notarized personal letter detailing their medical request
  • The student must work with the Reeg Academic Resource Center detailing the reasoning for the student to be exempted from the live-on requirement. Additional documentation/consultation with the ADA Coordinator may be required.


If a student is requesting an exemption based on martial status/civil union:

  • The Student must provide a copy of the marriage certificate/civil union license recorded with the county clerk's office.