Directing (BA)


Effective 1 June 2022 through 31 May 2023

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This program is offered by the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts/Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts and is only available at the St. Louis home campus.

Program Description

It is our mission to train our future colleagues to become visionaries, creators and leaders in the next generation of American professional theatre.

Webster University's directing program is designed to educate student directors in the craft of stage direction, focusing on play analysis, visual storytelling, team collaboration and creative thinking. Directing students at Webster are exposed to a wide variety of coursework both in the department and across the campus. Classes in theatre include Voice, Movement and Acting; Visual History, Fundamentals of Design and Lighting; History of Theatre, Stage Management and Directing. In the senior year of study, students spend the fall semester abroad.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of their training, students will demonstrate an effective directing process that integrates their abilities to:

  • Practice with skill each artistic discipline that makes up the team effort of theatre production, including acting, stage management and design.
  • Analyze a play comprehensively, identifying and interpreting given circumstances, character relationships, objectives, themes and metaphors.
  • Implement strong research skills that encompass theatrical style, historical context, biographical relevance and theatrical and visual metaphor.
  • Display critical thinking and creative experimentation in their coursework and individual production work -- culminating in the senior capstone -- that allow for the presentation of plays through stage movement and pictures, character behavior and object/costume use.
  • Participate in professional apprenticeship experiences through assistant director assignments in the Conservatory and in the Repertory Theatre St. Louis and model professional organizational, time-management, collaborative and leadership skills.
  • Recognize cultural and historical forces that form the background for dramatic literature, culminating in a semester of study abroad senior year.

Special Requirements

Only courses completed with a grade of C- or above will count toward fulfilling the specific requirements of the major.

Auditions/interviews are required for all students planning to major in theatre at Webster University. Auditions/interviews are held each year during the spring semester for entrance into the following fall session. 

Degree Requirements

For information on the general requirements for a degree, see Baccalaureate Degree Requirements under the Academic Policies and Information section of this catalog.

  • 69 required credit hours
  • Applicable University Global Citizenship Program hours
  • Electives

Required Courses

  • CONS 1010, CONS 1020, CONS 2010, CONS 2020, CONS 3010, CONS 3020, CONS 4020 (Conservatory or approved equivalent) (46 hours)
  • THEA 3710, THEA 3720, THEA 4710, THEA 4720 Directing I-IV (8 hours)
  • ENGL 4150 Shakespeare (3 hours)
  • THEA 2030 History of Theatre: Greeks to Elizabethan (3 hours)
  • THEA 2040 History of Theatre: Restoration to 1915 (3 hours)
  • THEA 2050 History of Theatre: 1915 to Present (3 hours)
  • THEA 4500 London Theatre (3 hours)