ANIM - Animation


Effective 1 June 2022 through 31 May 2023

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Course Descriptions

Global Citizenship Program
Knowledge Areas
ARTS Arts Appreciation
GLBL Global Understanding
PNW Physical & Natural World
QL Quantitative Literacy
ROC Roots of Cultures
SSHB Social Systems & Human Behavior
Global Citizenship Program
Skill Areas
CRI Critical Thinking
ETH Ethical Reasoning
INTC Intercultural Competence
OCOM Oral Communication
WCOM Written Communication
** Course fulfills two skill areas


ANIM 1000 Animation I (3)

Students learn the basic elements of animation, with emphasis on traditional processes, techniques, and styles employed in creating the illusion of movement on motion media. This is a drawing-heavy course that will focus on the principles of animation.

ANIM 1010 Animation II (3)

Students further expand upon the foundation built in Animation I by learning the basics of syncing audio and creating soundtracks for animation. Animation principles will be reviewed and honed. This is a drawing-heavy course that will combine theory, lectures and hands-on experience. Prerequisite: ANIM 1000.

ANIM 1020 3D Animation Production: Core Concepts (3)

3D animation production for media and games shares a particular knowledge base and set of procedures. This class introduces students to the skill and conventions that are the foundation of a career that leverages 3D computer-generated content.

ANIM 1040 Storyboarding (3)

Scene blocking, visual character development, filmmaking, and an overall aesthetic will be applied in this class. Students apply the unique art of creating detailed storyboards for animation, including their importance in collaborating with the director, computer animators, sound designers, and talent in producing a successful production. 

ANIM 1200 3D Character Sculpting (3)

Students will learn advanced sculpting techniques using the ZBrush platform for character modeling. Over the 16-week course we will explore the basics of the interface and its customization, the concepts of sculpting digitally, and advanced tricks/techniques for getting the most out of ZBrush. May be repeated once for credit. Prerequisite: FTVP 1400.

ANIM 2000 Advanced Animation (3)

Students learn full animation production for creating an animated short. Advanced exercises in movement and expression will be explored. This is a drawing-heavy course that will combine theory, lectures and hands-on experience. Prerequisite: ANIM 1010.

ANIM 2010 Experimental Animation (3)

Students learn the potential of animation as a fine art medium. Experimentation is encouraged, using a wide range of techniques toward producing individual and group projects. Current and past works are screened and discussed in class.

ANIM 2040 Cartooning (3)

Students learn the art of cartooning, comic strips and editorial cartoons, with an in-depth exploration of visual theory, tools and techniques, characters, composition, dialogue, lettering, inking, panel layout and graphic narrative. Each student explores comics history, develops a personal visual/writing approach and creates a finished comic series.

ANIM 2200 3D Modeling (3)

Students apply and incorporate the principles and techniques of animation in a comprehensive exploration of current 3D software applications. Students learn how to integrate 3D animation into storytelling contexts and practical applications. Prerequisite: FTVP 1400. 

ANIM 3010 Voicing Your Creation (3)

Students learn the art of the voice-over for animation with an in-depth exploration of acting techniques and delivery. Additionally, students create and work with sound effects and soundtracks and how they relate to motion, timing, performance, and the composition as a whole. This class reviews the work of a wide range of voice talents and composers within several different genres. 

ANIM 3020 Story Development (3)

Students create both short form and long form stories designed for animation. Understanding story development, expression of story into storyboards, and the successful collaboration among the variety of disciplines to create an engaging animation are important elements of this class.

ANIM 3030 Visual Storytelling (3)

The expression of stories, compositional psychology and film theory and practice are covered in this class. Students analyze past examples of the language of filmmaking and apply them to the art of the storyboard.

ANIM 3040 Comic Book Creation (3)

Students learn a step-by-step introduction to comic book publication. This course will address the basics of concept development, storytelling, cartooning, penciling, inking, color, layout, publishing and distribution within the comic book industry. May be repeated if content varies.

ANIM 3150 Special Topics in Animation (1-3)

This course is designed to periodically feature topics in animation not covered by regularly offered courses. Topics will be dedicated to narrow aspects of the discipline, time dependent materials, or guest lecturers. May be repeated for credit if content differs. Prerequisites: May vary with topic. 

ANIM 3200 3D Animation and Rigging (3)

This class continues the subject matter introduced in ANIM 2200 3D Modeling. Students will be exposed to the more advanced tools and techniques used in 3D animation production for film, video, and games.

ANIM 3599 Independent Study (1-12)

Independent study involves research work on a specialized subject or project, artistic work, or study of an interdisciplinary nature. In contrast to a practicum, the emphasis in an independent study is usually on individual pursuit of a specific content area. May be repeated for credit if content differs. Prerequisite: Requires instructor permission and the filing of official form.

ANIM 4000 Animation Seminar (3)

The Animation Seminar provides students the opportunity to work on three short form animations with emphasis on acting and scene conflict, experimental approaches to aesthetics and animating characters created by peers. Prerequisites: ANIM 2000 and junior standing.

ANIM 4010 Character Design (3)

Students explore an in-depth study of the character in multiple styles, genres and eras, bringing to life known, as well as, original characters onto model sheets for critique and discussion. These studies will factor in costuming, period research and artistic skills. 

ANIM 4040 Concept Art (3)

Students will learn advanced painting techniques using Photoshop and other supplementary software. Over this 16-week course, we will explore basic painting techniques, process work, thumbnailing, critique, taking direction, and methods to maximize workflow productivity. May be repeated once for credit.

ANIM 4200 3D Animated Short Film (3)

This class expands upon the advanced tools and techniques introduced in ANIM 3200 3D Animation and Rigging. May be repeated twice for credit. Prerequisites: ANIM 3200.

ANIM 4400 Photorealistic 3D Animation (3)

Photorealistic animation provides an introduction to the tools and techniques of photogrammetry modeling, physically based shader and texture rendering, and motion capture animation used in professional 3D animation, game development and VFX production pipelines.

ANIM 4620 Senior Overview (3-6)

This course provides an opportunity for seniors to demonstrate their proficiency in a selected area of animation. The student assumes responsibility for the production of a project under the direction of a faculty member. The projects can be collaborative and must demonstrate creative strategies using 2D or 3D animation. Prerequisites: Senior standing, acceptance of the petition to proceed with senior overview, and permission of the instructor.