NTSC - National Security

Volume 1: 2021.2022

Effective 1 June 2021 through 31 May 2022

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Course Descriptions

NTSC 5000 Introduction to National Security Studies (3)

This course introduces students to the primary actors and institutions involved in national security as well as the ideas, concepts, theories and practices in the field of national security and policymaking. Additionally, students will learn to analyze and differentiate threats, both perceived and real to national security.

NTSC 5100 Research Methods in National Security Studies (3)

Students are introduced to skills, methodological issues and bibliographic resources which enhance their ability to evaluate critically and to conduct research in the field of national security studies.

NTSC 6000 Capstone in National Security Studies (3)

Students will develop a mini-thesis capstone project that can be used to inform a national security policy decision. Using the research methods, knowledge and skills from the entire program, students will produce a research product informed by scholarship and practice in the field that accurately assesses a national security issue and recommends a logical course of action. Prerequisites: NTSC 5000, NTSC 5100 and completion of 30 credit hours.

NTSC 6250 Thesis in National Security Studies (3)

The student completes a thesis project under the supervision of two faculty members. The thesis option is recommended for those considering graduate study at the doctoral level. All theses must follow university guidelines and be deposited in the Webster University library. Proposal forms are available from the departmental website. Students must secure approval of their proposal from the academic director or coordinator of the program at the site where the thesis is to be done. General policy expects proposal to be submitted before the 24th credit hour is completed. Prerequisites: NTSC 5000, NTSC 5100 and completion of 30 credit hours.