Fostering Resilience in "At Risk" Children and Youth

Volume 1: 2021.2022

Effective 1 June 2021 through 31 May 2022

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Graduate Certificate
18 Credit Hours

This program is offered by the School of Education and is only available at the St. Louis home campus.

For information on the general requirements for a certificate, see Certificate Program Policies and Procedures under the Academic Policies section of this catalog.

Program Description

"At-risk" children and youth include those who grow up in adverse circumstances such as poverty, homelessness, wars and disasters, chronic family problems or exposure to trauma and extreme stress. Common protective factors among "at risk" youth include high quality relationships with parents and other caring adults as well as high intelligence and social-emotional skills. Other protective factors include effective and nurturing schools, community organizations and cultures. In this 18-hour graduate certificate, students gain valuable knowledge and skills for their professional work. Promoting resilience in children and youth can lead to positive adaptation and outcomes for those young people whose lives are threatened by adversity.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of psychology to children and youth to promote social/emotional well being of "at-risk" children and youth.
  • Use assessment and progress data collected in schools or community settings to make evidence-based decisions regarding effective interventions and practices for "at-risk" children and youth.
  • Value individual differences in the cultural, socioeconomic, ethnic, linguistic and national/international backgrounds of "at-risk" children and youth.
  • Develop self-assessment skills and the ability to reflect on roles educators and mental health professionals can take as leaders of change in the 21st century.
  • Collaborate effectively with others in designing, developing and guiding decision-making at the individual, group, school or community level.
  • Engage in professional growth and leadership.


  • EPSY 5150 Resilience and Self-Concept Development (3 hours)
  • EPSY 5952 Children, Trauma and Crisis Intervention (3 hours)
  • EPSY 5890 Psychology of Stress
  • EPSY 5370 Counseling (3 hours)
    or EPSY 5290 Family Counseling (3 hours)
    or EPSY 5380 Multicultural Counseling (3 hours)
  • EPSY 5350 Intercultural Communications (3 hours)
  • EPSY 5911 Social and Personality Development: School Psychology (3 hours)


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