Reaching out. In partnership. Local and global.

Webster brings the world closer together - forming innovative partnerships with corporations, community arts organizations, schools, agencies, and other institutions. These partnerships expand educational opportunities, provide real-world experiences, and support the communities we serve. It is uniquely Webster.

How partnership works

  • With arts organizations. Sharing resources create programs and stage events.
  • With corporations. Providing on-site education for employees, preparing them for the next step in their careers.
  • With social service organizations. Supporting programs and effect social change.
  • With other universities and colleges. Expanding educational opportunities.

Partnerships in action

  • With clinical hospitals and healthcare organizations training Webster's MS in Nurse Anesthesia students during residency.
  • With Boeing, AT&T, General American Life Insurance Co., Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc., Walt Disney World and others, providing on-site education to employees.
  • With local schools and school districts, Webster provides teacher training and teacher education and introduces reforms in the teaching of children with disabilities.
  • With the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, Webster provides an on-campus community music school, a conductor training program and a master's degree in orchestral performance.
  • With local communities throughout our campus network, offering meeting and educational programming to local groups and organizations.

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