BA in Criminology

Develop your understandings of crime and how we structure our criminal justice system at Webster with our BA in Criminology degree. You'll explore the issues that are currently of great interest to criminologists from professionals in the field.

The mission of the major in Criminology is to provide students with a multidisciplinary approach to crime and deviance, with particular emphasis on providing critical thinking skills to enable students to be familiar with the dominant ways professionals use to explain, predict, and prevent crime and victimization.

Points of Distinction

By the end of the program, students should be able to:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of major criminological theories.
  • Analyze the policy implications of criminological theories.
  • Describe the elements and development of the criminal justice system and its role in maintaining social order.
  • Evaluate how the institutions and elements of the criminal justice system vary across jurisdictions and interact with one another.
  • Apply principles of crime prevention to policy that attempts to effectively reduce crime and victimization.
  • Compare the theoretical foundations of crime analysis and their abilities to predict and analyze patterns of crime.
  • Articulate several major types of crime, their causes, and proposed solutions to reducing them.
  • Compare the techniques, sources, and means of analysis of criminological data research methods.

Additional Information