Minor in Ancient Studies

The Minor in Ancient Studies allows comparative study of the history, literature, mythology, religion, philosophy, art, language, and culture of the ancient societies across the globe. Students are required to complete 18 course credits or six courses.

One core course is required, a three-credit introductory History of the Ancient World course. This requirement may only be waived through approval of the Program Director(s) and through demonstration of mastery of an equivalent course, or significant field or research experience. Students are encouraged to pursue an area of concentration for their studies by completing six credits of electives from the approved course list. This focus or concentration may be geographic or thematic, with comparative studies encouraged. Within the minor, "ancient" will be defined generally as before the fifth century CE, although this parameter may vary within cultural and geographical boundaries.

Students, as advised, should choose no more than three courses at the 1000 level, which includes the core course. At least one upper level (3000/4000) course is strongly recommended as well. A student may enter the program for a minor in Ancient Studies at any time through the final semester if all requirements are met.

More than the required 18 credits may be taken in order to fulfill the demands of individual interest, a language concentration, or a change in area of concentration. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in an international study and/or field experience as well. Webster's worldwide campus system is ideally suited for this kind of study, and other sites will be available in the future.

The following apply to all minors:

  • A minor must be comprised of 18 credit hours taken at Webster University.
  • No course counted toward a major can also count toward a minor.
  • Students may have a major and a minor within the same department; they may not major and minor within the same area of emphasis.
  • Students must earn a grade of C- or better in any course they wish to apply toward a minor.

Additional Information