Kristian Skeie
Life After Genocide

Srebrenica, Bosnia. 520 coffins being carried into the Potocari battery factory in preparation for the "Burial of the Dead" at the Potocari Memorial cemetery. July 11th, marking the day when Srebrenica fell in 1995. Rwanda. Révérien Rurangwa in Switzerland. His place, his home, is here, in Switzerland. On April 20th 1994, 43 members of his closest family were brutally murdered in the Rwandan genocide, in front of his eyes. He lost an arm, an eye and was stabbed in multiple places. In December 2014, we went back to Rwanda in order to visit his former home village, Mugina.

2 - 30 October 2015
with a talk on Friday 9 October, 3 pm, Sverdrup 123
Opening Reception Friday, 9 October, 5-7 pm


continuing in the Small Wall Gallery,
Art Silverblatt: Cellphone Photography

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