Stephen Mallon:
Reframing the Machine

Mallon subway reef
Mallon bulldozer
  Mallon brace for imact Mallon tires
photographs © Stephen Mallon

2 - 30 March 2012

with a talk by Mr. Mallon on Friday, 2 March, at 1 pm in Sverdrup 101 (note new time)
including a screening of his award-winning short, A Bridge Delivered

Re-framing the Machine follows Stephen Mallon's winding journey of searching out his industrial landscapes. From out-takes to the decisive and violent recycling of New York City, Mallon's selects of the past decade's picture hunting are here to see.

One of the exhibition's featured projects is images of subway cars being dumped into the Atlantic. More than 2,500 of New York's decommissioned subway cars are laid to rest on the eternal seabed. Gutted and windowless, the hardest workers in the mobile world fall down to the new base, where they now forever serve another population. Mallon's photographs elicit both the sadness and the beauty of cascading water overtaking these iconic figures of New York transit as they sink beneath the surface of the water; surges and sprays are caught in time.

Another image in the exhibition is the only passenger jet aircraft to ditch in water with zero fatalities. Time moves and memories fade. Three years have passed, and it can be difficult to recall the moment for one heard the news of a passenger jet landing in a river in New York. The feelings of shock, awe, disbelief, and amazement come rushing back when seeing an airplane emerging from the icy water. 

Most recently, Mallon spent six months producing a short film about the transport and installation of the new Willis Street Bridge. Produced from more than 30,000 still images, the time lapse film, "A Bridge Delivered," was reviewed by the Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, GQ, PDN and Wired. "A Bridge Delivered" was shown at Mr. Mallon's afternoon talk and during the opening reception.

A Bridge Delivered by Stephen Mallon

Opening Reception in the gallery Friday, 2 March, 5-7 pm


and in the Small Wall Gallery, Arran Reporting, a view from Scotland


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