José Hernández-Claire:

Broken Roots: Illegal Immigration into the U.S.

© Jose Hernandez-Claire

28 February - 28 March 2014

With a talk by Mr. Hernández-Claire on Friday, 28 February, at 3 pm in Sverdrup 123
Opening Reception Friday, 28 February, 5-7 pm

José Hernández-Claire is a photographer based in Guadalajara, Mexico. About this show he writes, "No doubt the hottest issue nowadays with Mexico is immigration into the United States of America. A history of unemployment, low salaries, lack of opportunities, corruption and poor policies within the government of Mexico have caused a massive exodus of young people, possibly in their more productive stages of forming a stable workforce within the country. They often leave behind broken families, relatives, friends and almost empty villages, just inhabited by the old, and little children.

"As a concerned photographer of social issues and as a native of Mexico, I am continually interested in documenting this dramatic subject, which is growing daily and has become a crucial issue in the government policies of both Mexico and the United States."

Mr. Hernández-Claire is represented in photographic collections worldwide and has had over 60 exhibitions in Mexico, France, French Guyana, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, U.K., Cuba, Bangladesh, China, and the United States. This show comes to the May Gallery from the Embassy of France in Washington, DC.


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and in the Small Wall Gallery, Hayden Molinarolo
curated by Laura Schilli

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