BA in International Relations

As a citizen of the world, you are connected by markets, politics and culture as never before. A bachelor's degree in International Relations from Webster University prepares you to make effective decisions in an interconnected world, enhances your global perspective and increases your opportunity to study other cultures.

Whether you're thinking about becoming a trade specialist, language instructor, international banking or import/export coordinator, your degree from Webster will enable you to focus on relationships and tensions between cultures or countries by linking issues, approaches and knowledge in new ways.

You'll think critically about key issues in the field and develop aptitude in the areas of political awareness, economic understanding, cultural competency, international cooperation and global citizenship. You also will be able to identify major actors and institutions of international relations and know their functions.

Points of Distinction

  • More than 91,000 alumni are working in more than 100 countries shaping the future of business, education, communication, government, science, technology and the arts.
  • Study at campuses in Geneva, Switzerland; London, United Kingdom; Vienna, Austria; Leiden, the Netherlands; Thailand and China. Students at our campus in Geneva, Switzerland may elect an emphasis in migration and refugee studies.

Degree Requirements

There is a required minimum distribution of coursework for this degree, in addition to other requirements. Pleaser review the Undergraduate Course Catalog for course requirements.

Emphasis in International Economics

Upon completion of the program, students should identify the costs and the benefits of the global economy, demonstrate their ability to define and critically analyze economic problems and understand basic macroeconomic and microeconomic concepts.

Emphasis in Migration and Refugee Studies

Upon completion of the program, students should demonstrate knowledge of key subfields and theories of International Relations as a discipline, identify major actors and institutions of international relations and to know their functions, analyze international issues from perspectives other than their own and display familiarity with foreign cultures and languages.

Additional Information