GMC Project Request Forms

April 1, 2014

Dear Webster University Colleagues:

The Project Work Request System is off-line until June as Creative Services develops the marketing plan for FY15.

You may still submit a Website Project Request utilizing the form below.

Creative Services will only plan media once a year and now is that time. If you are interested in having us developing a local media plan for your approval (as a number of Directors have done this year) simply identify an amount from your 6400 budget and communicate to Tom Lauher no later than Thursday, April 24.

We realize you have not received your FY15 local budgets so this year’s budget as a guideline.

As part of our annual planning process we strive to continually improve project management, workflow and efficiency.

Thank you,

John Costello
Director, Creative Services

Marketing Project 

Use this form for for all new media planning and advertising requests, marketing projects and to reserve the Gorlok costume. 

Offline Until June 2014

Website Project 

Use this form for all website edits, new website content, and social media account requests. You may also use this form to add and removing web editors.

Website Project Request Form