Photo Contest

2013 Global Gorlok Photo Contest Winners Announced

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Nature-Winner Victoria Caswell
Obscure Brightness
Description: On our First tripe outside of Geneva, we went to Saint-Cergue and I had my camera in my hand. Later that night, to my surprise, I realized my camera was on the black and white setting. Because of my oversight, obscure brightness can be appreciated to its fullest.
Location: Saint-Cergue, Switzerland
 Obscure Brightness
Architecture-Winner Lauren Blankenship
Monkeys, Dragons, and Doggies, Oh My!
Description: I came up on this scene as a few friends and I were talking around admiring Khao Takiab temple and I thought it was interesting how soundly the dog was sleeping around all the energetic monkeys. There's also a lot of architecture to be seen, such as the reflection of the dragon in the window and the statue of the lion. This chaotic photo is truly a representative of Thai culture.
Location: Khao Takiab Mountain Temple in Hua-Hin, Thailand
Monkeys and Dragons and Doggies
Cross-Cultural Moments-Winner Katie Rochester
Phraya Nakhon Cave Shrine
Description: After hiking 2 kilometers up a mountain in Sam Roi Yot National park, we came across a sign for a cave shrine. From the top of the hill you have to hike down into the cave one kilometer towards the actual cave shrine. There are many spectacles within the cave shrine such as dry waterfall, signature of the kings, death-bridge and the kings thrown as well as a place for prayer.
Location: Sam Roi Yot National Park, Cha-Am,Thailand
 Cave Shrine


Global Gorlok-Winner Ryan Frenette
Life Lens
Description: During after-class walks from home, I tend to snap off a few shots for fun and some just happen to be just right. Many remember their lives through a lens; this was a mutual moment for myself and a fellow student subject.
Location: Leiden, the Netherlands (in front of Webster Campus)
 Life Lens