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SGA Candidate Information

Senator Positions - Fall 2014 Elections


 Alexy Irving -- At-Large
 Senior, Advertising and Marketing Communications Major

Intent to run: I will be running for the 2nd senator of the school of education. I would be a good choice for this position because I value the use of education for the masses. Whenever a social problem arrises in my environment, the first thing I can think of to solve the problem is educating people on the issue. In addition to my pure love for education, I have had numerous conversations teaching people on putting their shoes in other peoples shoes to better understand a situation.

Statement of Goals: In order for me to improve student life under this position, I plan on asserting the importance of being educated whenever anything on campus arrises. I plan on pushing how good it is to be educated  on any matter you are facing and I plan on being the voice behind it. If I am not the voice behind it, I attest plan on creating a better enviornment for the people whose voice needs to be heard.

Reasons for Running: To help create a voice in the school of education so everybody can feel comfortable in teaching the masses about things that affect us. 



 Scott Lunte -- At-Large
 Freshman, Political Science Major

Intent to Run: My name is Scott Lunte and I am running for At-Large Senator. I am an experienced student representative and leader through my many leadership positions throughout numerous high school, statewide, and national level clubs and organizations ranging from political organizations and student government to service communities to a representative of the fine arts. As a freshman, I wish to bring new energy and a fresh vitality to Webster in order to create the best community possible. I am a spirited person of high vivacity and stringent motivation. I hate to sit around and do nothing when there are things to be done. I hope to bring that kind of efficiency to the Student Government Association. Governing and representing my peers is my passion and I hope to be able to do just that as a new At-Large Senator for Webster University.

Statement of Goals: When I look at Webster University leadership and representation I see a clear inequality. There is no voice for the freshman class that now calls Webster their home. I hope to be that voice. Freshman are the future of the University and deserve a proper voice in our government. I also hope to be a strong representative for residents on campus, one idea I wish to introduce is assigning reserved parking for residents who live on campus that bring their cars. To be a voice for the voiceless is my main goal in running for this position.

Reasons for Running: There's a lack of freshman representation at Webster and we need someone who has the vivacity and tenacity to speak for us, which I know I can.


 Kevin Loving -- At-Large
 Junior, Political Science Major

Intent to Run: I will be running for the position of At-Large Senator. I feel this is the best position for someone of my qualifications. I have a great deal of leadership and communication experience from my time in other clubs as well as my jobs. My time at other colleges has given me unique perspectives and a better understanding of the secondary education system as a whole. I have been both a resident of campus and a commuter student and so I can connect to the entirety of the student body. I am driven to make Webster the best it can be, and serve the student body in the same ways I would like to be. 

Statement of Goals: There are two main goals I want to push. I am very interested in community service and commuter students. I believe creating more service opportunities will help prepare students for their careers and better relations with the community. As a commuter student, I understand how hard it can be for those driving to and from class to fell connected to the university. I want to change that by pushing for new events and projects that help commuter students feel at home on campus.

Reasons for Running: I want to be involved at Webster and help others become involved through service opportunities to expand Webster's role in the community. 


 Alexander Brosseau
 Freshman, Accounting Major

Intent to Run: Coming off of a very active high school career, I have a strong desire to continue to be influential and participate in Webster. I feel that I have effective communication and leadership skills that would assist in me fulfilling this job. Throughout my high school career I lead organizations like National Honor Society, the Forensics Team, and even took the initiative to find my schools first Psychology club and organized the initial Mental Health Awareness week. These roles assisted me in holding responsibility on a larger level than in a classroom. In addition to those roles on a school level, I also volunteered at Springfield's Sharefest where I helped rebuild impoverished elementary schools and I directed volunteers underneath me. These don't cultivate into making me a great candidate, because without being a welcoming, approachable person all of those accomplishments mean nothing. That is why I strive to be active in reaching out to others and building a larger network of friends everyday.

Statement of Goals: My goals involve a mission to reach out to everyone and offer accessible and desirable incentives to participate. More often than not, a lack of involvement is created by personal barriers that exist! As an elected official I would strive to be a personable leader that really could solve problems not only on a campus wide level, but more importantly on a personal level with all students having the opportunity to reach out to me.

Reason for Running: I intend to make student government an accessible, friendly, and personal organization that can assist all Webster students. Go Gorlocks!





 Jasmine Ball-Williams -- School of Education
 Freshman, Early Childhood Education Major

Intent to Run: I am running for senator of education. While in high school I was in Student Council for 3 years and I was vice President my senior year. I am also responsible, determined and hard-working. I also did numerous volunteer work and love helping others. I'm also the kind of person that make sure things will be done on time accordingly. 

Statement of Goals: I would help improve students life by going straight to the students and asking them how can I improve their Webster experience. Also, I would ask them what would they like to see improved on campus or in the classrooms. I would then try my very best to meet all their needs. 

Reasons for Running: I am running for this position because I am majoring in education. Also because I believe I am a good candidate for this position.


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