General Software Application Training

Webster University is dedicated to bringing technology training to all students, faculty, and staff on campus through partnerships with Atomic Learning and

Atomic Learning

Faculty & Staff

Webster faculty and staff now have access to Atomic Learning's Campus Integrate PLUS solution, includes all training in the Atomic Campus Integrate solution, with the ability to upload up to 500 GB of additional training materials—allowing you to house and monitor all training activity from one central location. All uploaded material views and downloads are tracked using Atomic Learning’s robust reporting capabilities. Many institutions find value in this solution for supporting campus specific applications, as well utilizing it as an online repository to house compliance training and resources such as HIPAA and FERPA training.


By offering course materials and resources that are accessible to all students, Webster provides barrier-free learning opportunities and enable students with disabilities to fully participate. Atomic Learning’s Assistive Technology Collection of short, self-paced, online tutorials that teach educators to create materials that can be accessed using assistive technology. Continually expanding, the Assistive Technology Collection contains thousands of tutorial movies covering dozens of specialized applications, assistive devices and accessiblity features of common software programs.

With Atomic Learning, users can track training progress, monitor new technologies, and train to meet students’ needs. It’s efficient, effective, and accessible.

How to Log In

  1. Log into Connections.
  2. Find the Software Training & Tutorials by Atomic Learning channel on the Student, Staff, or Faculty tab.
  3. Click the Atomic Learning Login button.

    Login button

Can't find what you're looking for?

To request a specific tutorial not already available in Atomic Learning, please fill out the online suggestion form (you must be logged into Connections in order to access the form).

Webster University also signed a one year contract with, which will be implemented and made available as soon as possible. See below for the advantages this partnership offers.

  • Effective, high-quality learning solution for students & employees
  • Self-serve access for users, zero administration for management
  • Immediate, On-Demand answers & problem solving to ease the burden on help desks
  • More efficient & affordable than off-site technology training & consulting
  • Always current content, never outdated or irrelevant like books & manuals
  • Eliminates faculty burden to teach basic skills; allows focus on concepts & theory
  • Courses divided into short, concise videos that are easy to understand & easy to search
  • Training for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced
  • Easy implementation & SSO authentication options