College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is the academic foundation of Webster University. Owing to the general and fundamental nature of its many disciplines, the College is committed to providing academic and intellectual support to the entire university.

Distinctive Students. Distinctive Faculty. Distinctive Programs.

From the College's international centers and institutes, to its international language requirement, to unique programs like the Global MA in International Relations or the undergraduate program in Creative Writing, the College is marked by free and rigorous intellectual inquiry.

That inquiry comes alive each day among diverse students and distinctive faculty in an atmosphere that respects differences in background, belief, and aspiration.

That atmosphere promotes the values that ground an open, critically reflective, culturally diverse, and democratic society. Our students emerge fully prepared to be active contributors to such a society.

In short, our students learn not merely what to think but how to think – a mode of inquiry that is analytical, curious, and globally conscious. A mode of inquiry that defines Webster University.